Chapter 2: My Beginnings – Nhu + Luv Wedding

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Nhu + Luv

7 years into working my daily grind at the flower shop, which specialized in everyday arrangements, grand openings, funeral flowers, & sometimes or rarely, wedding flowers. The shop literally represented your quaint mom and pop shop with old school nuances. There were lots of plants, a large glass refrigeration unit, a glass table for our client meetings, and a large metal working table behind the counter. Walking in you smell the earth, honey, and the many floral aromas that engulf your nosy senses. I really enjoyed walking into that every morning while sipping my morning coffee.

Later into the day I received a call from an old very good friend asking if I was interested in helping his sister on her wedding flowers (mind you, I’ve only done a wedding once on my own, for a cousin of mine. I had to instruct her bridesmaids and groomsmen on how to arrange everything, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my ideal way of doing flowers for a family member). I had to think about it but my instincts just told me to say yes.

I got into contact with Nhu, and she helped me visualize what she had envisioned for her wedding. We went to the flower market and she picked the flowers she liked. We headed back to our workspace and she prepared a bunch of vases and just said, “here you go, lets see what you can come up with”. I was thrilled, nervous and a bit intimidated. I was seriously new to the wedding world and wasn’t knowledgeable about certain flowers that existed, because they were never utilized in my flower shop. I learned about ranunculus, about vintage hydrangeas, garden roses, and peonies just to name a few. Honestly I fell in love with all of her floral selections and got to work with curating 3 different designs for the 3 different vessels she had. I’m not sure if she actually liked the arrangements but she trusted me and gave me that opportunity to be her wedding day florist.

This wedding was the biggest wedding that I have ever worked on and it was my FIRST! Working with no sleep and adrenaline alone, this 670 guest wedding was thrilling, exciting, heart palpitating, and nerve-racking. It was tiring, I was a mess, working like a zombie but, it was the most thrilling experience that left me awe-inspired. I was so honored that she gave me this eye opening experience. She shined light onto a world that I never even knew existed, and for the first time in my floral career someone/she gave me creative freedom. I was enamored with all that I learned and was in awe by what I had created. I didn’t even realize that it was the beginning of a new chapter in my professional career.

I love this woman like a sister, if I could do her wedding all over again to fix all the faults I would definitely say yes in a heart beat. Her wedding was my first and it is the one that will always ALWAYS, be at the very heart of my very being. Thank you Nhu for everything that you have instilled upon me then, and even to this day. You’re the epitome of what a superwoman is. You’re the mega beast of working hard. You’re the creative genius to so many design aspect of a wedding. You always put your 200% effort in every bride that you have worked with. You work behind the scenes to get shit done and no one will even know the half of it because that’s just how important it is for you to shield your bride and groom from the crazy hectic aspects of the day. You’re an amazing being and I’m very lucky to the moon & stars that you are a friend, business advocate, supporter, and mentor. Love you so for everything!

The Crew:
Venue: San Gabriel Hilton
Coordinator: Lumiani Events
Photography: Caroline Tran Photography
Videographer: Imagique
Florals: deefined floral

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