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WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards

I have some really exciting and humbling news, I’ve won WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award for 2015! YAY!!!! Thank you to all the brides (and grooms) who’ve made this possible in the past year. All the love and comments you shared really help boost my confidence. You guys have not only been wonderful to work with, but your trust and support throughout this venture of mine is really what catapulted me towards the success I have today. I still have a lot more work and learning to do, but I hope to continue to grow in this wedding community, so please root for me! Deefined FIGHTING!
I know this is really late but I wanted to wish everyone a belated new year! CHEERS to another new year of new memories, adventures, success, laughter, happiness, and healthy relationships to all my brides, grooms, friends, family members, & vendors!!! I know I’ve have been MIA but a lot has been going on in this little life of mine. With so many new beginnings, it’s been overwhelmingly…exciting, and a little scary. Deefined has not gone anywhere so please continue to show your support and love thorough 2015!

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My Roots

Hello friends and fellow bloggies. To follow along with my initial post, I am going to give you a little bit of insight into the world that Diana or Dee. I was a wee itty-bitty teenager. Okay 17 was not that young but young enough to be naïve to the big peoples world! Anyways, being a 17 carefree, fresh out of High School girl, I had no real direction. My cousin mentioned that she was working at a flower shop and that her boss needed more help. Since I come from a low-income family, I decided that finding a job would be more ideal. I figured it would help ease the financial burden of my parents having to feed 1 of their six children soooo, work it is!
I was introduced to a very sweet but stern “Boss” lady. Being young and inexperienced it was hard and grueling. Working on your feet for 6-8 hours, stopping only when you had a lunch break, getting yelled at when you didn’t do things correctly, it all left this teenager, tender and battered. I didn’t even get to work with flowers! I wanted out, but when I got my first paycheck, it felt rewarding. I was ecstatic! I got money, money, MONEY, and I made it all on my own. Eventually, after learning the basics I was taught how to arrange, not to sound conceited but, I had an eye for it. It was the best feeling to have a customer praise, appreciate the time, effort, and love, I put into each arrangement.
Fast-forward 13 years…being that I’m much older, much wiser, and much more mature, I can really appreciate everything that I learned from my boss lady sensei. I appreciate everything that she taught me about being a florist. I learned valuable skills that helped me with my craft, but I also learned valuable people skills, which really opened me up since I was such an introvert. I learned that a clean workspace helps you stay organized and keeps the fluster bugs away when you’re working. I learned that being punctual and on time was very important because it’s not just your time that your wasting but others. I learned that others depend on you to get their product out and in a timely manner, so I was taught to work fast and efficiently. I learned how to embrace getting my hands dirty and carrying buckets daily while crafting my big ass biceps. Most importantly, I was taught the love of working with flowers. Though they may be delicate, fragile, and require lots of tender love and care but with the right tweak, push, plug, and pull, you create something that brings a smile or glow to someones face, and that my friend is enough said…
My almost 10 years at Valley Florist was bittersweet. It was hard to leave but I needed to grow and expand my floral horizons. I loved my teacher, friend, and mentor for all her years of experience, advice, and anxiousness. Thank you Vicky for all that you’ve taught this little lady, I’m sorry I left but I’m truly grateful and so honored that you were my teacher. You will forever have a place in my heart!
So what happened next? Follow along to my next post to find out!

Deefined Floral Designs

Nice to meet you!

It has been a long time coming but Deefined is now officially connected! I am thrilled, overjoyed, and really nervous to introduce you to my baby: Deefined Floral Designs! Please treat me with care and understanding since I am quite new to the blogging community. With that being said, I welcome you to….are you ready….Diana/Dee’s world of flowers! …And random mosh posh bits of me, your narrator’s life (((cheese))).
I look forward to showing you my passion for flowers and what the world looks like in the eyes of a floral curator. It’s as beautiful as it sounds! I want to share with you my knowledge, my life’s work, and my maybe, my life outside of being a florist.
I would also like to take this time to thank Brandice and her amazing work on my website and blog. She has been amazing throughout this entire process. She got, excuse my language, SHIT DONE. Thank you Brandice for your amazingness!
And finally, thank you readers for taking the time out of your busy day to ride along this journey with me. I welcome you with open arms and hope to brighten your day with florals in mind. Everybody needs to smile, laugh, love, and learn, and I hope to accomplish that by showering you with my passion. Please feel free to leave feedback. I love comments and input!