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Deefined Floral Designs is a full-service florist. We specialize in floral designs for events such as weddings, bridal and baby showers, corporate events and birthdays. We also make custom arrangements when ordered in advance.

Do you have a different need not listed above? Great! We love working on unique projects, so don’t hesitate to email us and let us know what you’re thinking.

Where to Start?


If you’ve never worked with a florist before, you might be wondering where to start, and that’s no problem! Feel free to reach out to us as soon as you’d like, and we’ll give you a form with a few quick questions to discover the perfect floral designs to suit your style and needs.


Your budget will influence a lot of decisions, but it certainly won’t limit them. We love a challenge, and we’ll work hard to find the perfect look for you that’s within your budget.


Floral designs are meant to enhance your theme, so we’ll custom tailor the colors and flowers we use to coordinate with any design choices you have already made. And if you haven’t made any decisions yet, sometimes flowers are a great way to start.


If you’ve started pinning images of styles you like, send us that board! And if you have images of the venue, send us those too. We love looking at pretty photos.


The size and type of venue will inform many of our decisions. For example, is it indoor or outdoor, large or small?


Maybe you’re allergic to specific types of flowers or plants or maybe you simply don’t like them. If that’s the case, tell us upfront and we’ll keep them far, far away!


Flowers are seasonal, so we’ll determine if your favorite flowers are in bloom for your event, and if not, we’ll find an even better alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom arrangements?

Yes, but in fairness to our wedding and event clients, we cannot accommodate last minute requests. If you’d like to have us create a custom arrangement for a special occasion, please email us for availability.

How early should I make an appointment?

The best time to book your florist would be at least 6-8 months before the wedding day or event to ensure that your date has not yet been booked. We recommend booking vendors during off-season, usually from January to May.

Do you deliver and setup everything?

Of course! There is a fee depending on the distance traveled, along with the amount of set up that must be performed.

Why are flowers so expensive?

We get this question quite a lot! We’ve had clients tell us “I can get a bunch of peonies or roses at […] for $15 or $20 dollars!” While this is true, a florist provides much more value than a few handfuls of flowers. A florist, like any other artist, has taken the time to learn his/her craft.

Flowers also differ in price when the seasons change. For example, if you want peonies in September or October, expect them to be double or triple the price since they are spring flowers.

Can we provide vases to save on cost?

Unfortunately no, and honestly there’s not much of a difference in costs. It takes just as much time to inspect, clean and detag vases as you’d save in the cost of providing them yourself. We’ve also had incidents where vases were delivered broken, thus creating shortages on the day of the wedding or event. Because of these reasons, we unfortunately don’t take vases.

Do you rent vases?

We prefer to not rent vases. The vases or vessels that we use are usually already included into the quote, unless they are unique like candelabras or special vessels that we have to rent from a rental company.

How do consultations work?

We like to talk to the brides and/or grooms first. We’ll schedule a teleconference to get an account of your expectations and wants. After covering a few questions, we usually suggest that you provide pictures of bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony details, cake flowers, and of course centerpieces via email. Pinterest is also a great avenue for inspiration!

We’ll take these photos and info to create unique ideas for your wedding and a rough estimate of cost. Then if you like what you see, we can schedule an in-person meeting over a cup of joe or tea so we can get to know you better!

How much should I budget for my wedding?

This depends on many variables. How big is the wedding party? How do you want your ceremony to be decorated? How many centerpieces do you need? A sizable portion of a wedding flower budget usually goes toward centerpieces.

From our experience, you should allot at least $500-$1000 for personal flowers, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.; however, this really depends on the size of your wedding party. Decorating your ceremony depends on how elaborate you would want it. We recommend allotting at least $500-$1000 for floral decor. The cost for centerpieces depends on the type of arrangements you want. Do you want low, medium, tall arrangements, or maybe a mix? Low arrangements start around $50 each, medium arrangements start at $75 and tall arrangements start at $125. Please also keep in mind that the price will also differ depending on the types of flowers you use.

I have a tight budget. How can I save on cost?

Repurpose, repurpose, and repurpose! You can repurpose your alter arrangements for your sweethearts table. You can repurpose your aisle markers for your cocktail tables, guest sign-in table or even for your cake and desserts table. You can even repurpose your centerpieces to line your aisles. There is so much that you can do by repurposing your flowers!

Do you offer wedding packages?

Every wedding is different, unique and personal, so we prefer to not create one-size-fits-all wedding packages. We do custom packages and work with you on your budget to provide you with a unique, personal experience.

What advice do you have for a bride without a clear vision of what she wants?

Research is key! The color palette you chose for your overall wedding will set the tone for the rest. Soft colors such as pinks, whites, and peaches will bring a soft romantic aura, while reds and burgundies will bring a bold rich texture to your overall look.

Is there a story of how you both met? Do you have nicknames for each other? Is there a special object or personal item that we can incorporate into your wedding to tell your love story? Every great love story starts somewhere, so let’s figure out what story you want to tell!